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Authentic Korean Cuisine and deliciously USDA premium charcoal-grilled K-BBQ.

As one of the few Korean restaurants that offers Korean barbecue cooked on charcoal grills, we pride ourselves in providing the freshest and most satisfying USDA premium quality BBQ meats so you can savor the true taste of Korea's finest gift to the world: KBBQ. 

2502 Royal Ln Suite #103, Dallas, TX 75229   |   (972) 484-6090  

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From our delicious boiled pork wraps ( Dwaeji Bossam 돼지보쌈) to our fresh seasoned raw beef Yukhoe 육회), we offer authentic cultural cuisine so you can taste a bit of Korea here in your home of Dallas, TX. 

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Our charcoal grills makes us different from other K-BBQ restaurants. With the perfect sear and the smokey flavor, charcoal is definitely the way to go.


While we're all for an iced cold soft drink or a icey beer on a hot day, nothing pairs quite well with grilled meats than authentic Korean liquor and wine. 

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2502 Royal Ln Suite #103, Dallas, TX 75229

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun

11:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Kitchen close at 9:30PM

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